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Fu*k Fear​

A Raw Honest Guide About Showing Anxiety Who's Boss!

Aged 19, Richard Kerr’s world imploded. Struck by a never-ending sense of fear and anxiety, life became a miserable struggle. This is the true story of how Richard discovered an unconventional technique to stand up to anxiety and embrace life again. Packed with surprising insights, revelations and helpful strategies, Fu*k Fear offers a bold new solution for anyone looking to break free from anxiety and live life to the full.

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Fear has many forms: dread, worry, panic, insecurity, anxiety, shyness and much, much more.

Nevertheless, they all have the same effect on your life — they hold you back from it.

I suffered with a crippling sense of fear and anxiety for close to 10 years. It completely destroyed me. Everything crumbled in its path. My confidence, my self-esteem, my social life, my happiness, my sense of freedom, my ability to function as a normal human being. Like a wrecking ball ploughing into a building, anxiety can shatter a perfectly happy life to pieces in just a few short days.

If you’ve experienced any form of anxiety, you’re familiar with its emotional impact. You feel powerless against its destructive force. You try to fight back, but anxiety’s always stronger. You try to run away, but anxiety finds you. You try to plead with it, “Please, stop, please, leave me alone… Please…” But it doesn’t heed logic or reason. It’s cold, it’s brutal and it has no pity.

You try to protect yourself, so you box yourself in and batten down the hatches. You step back from life, play it safe and stick to your comfort zone. Eventually, you start approaching everything with an attitude of concern and apprehension. You close your heart and mind to anything different or new.

Social gatherings are missed, invitations are declined, travel plans are scrapped, opportunities are ignored. You avoid anything that’s uncertain or can’t be controlled — which turns out to be almost everything .

Each time anxiety wins, a small part of you dies. You feel weaker. Your fear of anxiety increases. Your life shrinks. Your world keeps getting smaller as, slowly but surely, you become a prisoner of your own making.

You compare yourself to those around you and despise what you’ve become. You feel unworthy of love. You know that this isn’t the life you’re supposed to live. When you were a child, you were curious, adventurous, playful. You’d sing in public without a care in the world. Life held so much excitement, adventure, possibility and potential!

But now… Now you’re stuck in a quagmire of worry, doubt, shame, guilt, fear and self-loathing.

Sometimes you catch yourself dreaming of being adventurous and bold again, of loving without fear, of embracing all that life has to offer. That’s why it hurts so much. You desperately want to come alive again, but you can’t.

You don’t know how to.

Anxiety has you trapped, and it’s suffocating the life and soul out of you. And the hardest part of it all is that you’re at a complete loss as to what you can do about it.

Too many anxiety books are written by people who have never gone through it. They don’t really get it. Fu*k Fear goes straight into the trenches to give you  a nitty-gritty, insider’s view of anxiety and fear.

Eventually, I discovered a way to break free.

My new book, Fu*k Fear shows you exactly how I did it, every step of the way.

In this book, not only will you learn how to overcome anxiety and fear, but the skills that you acquire along the way will help you rise up and grow as a person. This book is all about becoming you, all of you — not just the parts you aren’t afraid to show to the outside world.

The Fu*k Fear approach is relatively simple. Anyone can do it. That’s the thing: because fear feels so massive and scary, we convince ourselves that overcoming it must be hard and complicated too. In reality, it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

"Raw, refreshing & real"

About The Author

Richard Kerr (BA Hons) is a best selling author of several books related to the treatment of eating disorders and anxiety.

His first book ‘The Bulimia Help Method’ was published in 2013. To date it is the best reviewed, best selling bulimia recovery book on Amazon and is recommended by experts, doctors and eating disorder charities. His second book “The Binge Code” became an Amazon best-seller and is published in over 32 Countries.

His latest book “Fu*k Fear” is a raw, honest, real guide into his own personal struggle with anxiety disorder and how he discovered a unique path to freedom. 

Richard describes himself as ‘qualified by experience’. His approach is unorthodox, engaging, caring and effective. He lives with his wife and kids in Glasgow, Scotland.